Choosing the right supervisor for you is important for good and ethical clinical practice.

Research indicates that it is through the therapeutic relationship that effective change takes place and I believe the same applies to the supervisory relationship. 

I work with a relational integrative model of supervision where my focus is on the interpersonal relationships between myself and the supervisee, the supervisee and the client, the client and their world and myself and the client. I hold to the importance of a contactful relationship with my supervisees and believe in doing this I can support them to engage in and sustain a deeper contactful relationship with their clients. It is through this relationship and the supervisory alliance that I can then offer a space for open and honest reflection of practice, a learning experience and a support to ensure safe and ethical practice and adherence to the supervisee’s code of ethics. 

If you think I would be a good fit for your supervisory needs then please do contact me for any further information or to make an initial appointment.